Tahi Moore

Born 1972 (currently based in Auckland, New Zealand)


2004 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland


Memory Disco, Hopkinson Mossman, Wellington (group)

Incomprehensible public fictions: Writer fights politician in car park, Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland (solo)

Kim Wilde’s Heart of Darkness, Grundy Art Gallery, UK (solo)

Elements of Misdirection, Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland (solo)

Tahi Moore / John Skoog, Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland (two-person)
Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne (solo)
Non, pas la forteresse!, La Salle de bains, Bourdeau (solo)
Auto Noir, Artspace, Auckland (solo)

Beta Minus, at TCB art inc., Melbourne (solo)

Metaphoria, The 2012 curatorial Season, ST Paul St Gallery Three (group)
Mexico City Blues, Shanaynay, Paris (group)
‘Chinatown: the sequel’, Ltd., Los Angeles (group)
I guess you’d call it a video composition with pyramid and beats, Te Tuhi, Auckland (solo)
I got it wrong, sorry, FrontBox, Auckland (solo)

Nonsuch Park, Hopkinson Cundy, Auckland (solo)
Caraway Downs (curated by Roman Mitch), Artspace, Auckland (group)

Next Wave Festival, Melbourne (group)
Failed Purchases, High Street Project, Christchurch (solo)
Raffaello Follieri, Scarllet Johandson vs Emily Blunt in Ironman, Shiro Kuramata, Predator, Weezy F Baby, Ksubi, Martelli and Neytiri Na’vi etc, etc…(with James Deutsher), Gambia Castle, Auckland
No Soul For Sale: A Festival of Independents, Tate Modern, London (group)

Pickups, Magic Mountain, Home, Okay, A pretty intense long drawn out game (with Fiona Connor), Y3K Gallery, Melbourne
Against other people, ACFA, Auckland (solo) and screening at Wine Cellar, Auckland
War against the self, Gambia Castle, Auckland (solo)

Various Failures, Gambia Castle, Auckland (solo)
Vaccum Idle Adjust (with Rob Hood), Enjoy, Wellington

German Sands, Our Faces, Gambia Castle, Auckland (solo)
Group Show, Michael Lett, Auckland (group)
Fronting Up, A Show of Performance for Video, Enjoy, Wellington (group)

I Will Play Grand Theft Auto Until I Become Seasick, Darlington Williamson, Auckland (solo)
News is Also On The Television, performance with Simon Denny, Michael Lett, Auckland
Opening, No Art, Special Gallery, Auckland (solo)
Opening, No Opening, Special Gallery, Auckland (solo)
A Movie That is OK But Not That Good, performance with Simon Denny, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland and Govett Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth
My brother is an Idiot by Ezra A Moore, Dep-art-ment, Auckland (solo)
The New Shop (with Lucy McMillan), Rm 103, Auckland
One God, no masters , Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington (group)

this was how we lifted ourselves from the hard hard earth without ever having to leave it behind, Creative NZ, Auckland
Tahi And Simon Find the Morning Towards the Border of Bewilderment and Begin Construction (with Simon Denny), George Fraser Gallery, Auckland
That Was Really Great, That Was Really Great, That Was Really Great, George Fraser Gallery, Auckland (solo)
A Process of Bewilderment (with Simon Denny), Enjoy Gallery, Wellington
Tahi at Canary, Canary Gallery, Auckland
6 Week Project (with Simon Denny), Room 103, Auckland
Those That Would Eat The Fruit Must Climb The Tree (with Simon Denny and Nick Austin) Room 103, Auckland (group)
The Best Thing Would Be To Carry On For a Bit and Then Do Something Else, Annual Counter Festival, Kuala Lumpur (group)
Special at Enjoy (with Fiona Connor), Enjoy Gallery, Wellington
What I Did Before I Stopped Being an Artist, Special Gallery, Auckland (solo)
Darlington Williamson Group Show, Special Gallery, Auckland (group)
Readymades to Relational, Special Gallery, Auckland (lecture)
Self Making Documentary, Room 103, Auckland (solo)
CLUBFOOT, curated by Daniel Du Bern, Private Residence, Wellington (group)

Ergophobia (with Simon Denny) Window Space, Cnr Custom Street and Commerce St, Auckland Watercolour Flood Relief Show, Room 103, Auckland
Auckland Project (with Simon Denny) Public/Private,Tumatanui/Tumataiti: The 2nd Auckland Triennial, George Fraser Gallery, Auckland (group)
Loan Rangers, Nuit Gallery, Wellington (group)
Left Di Right (with Simon Denny), Special Gallery, Auckland

Die Duie Die (with Simon Denny), George Fraser Gallery, Auckland